5 tips to save money on buying a home

Our ancestors taught us that saving is a kind of an earning & a money saved is a money earned. This article is on this topic only telling you about saving money on buying a home.

5 tips to save money on buying a home By Moneymakinggoal

Points on how to save money in buying a home

1. Be Ready to Occupy Projects or Under Construction Projects

This is because the land rates do grow up with the amount of construction going on in nearby areas. You should be good enough to have a heart in occupying the under construction projects before their completion. This will save you a lot of money.

2. Pay as Much as Down Payment on your home Loan

Interest rates grow with time & honestly you should pay 40% as down payment take loan for the rest of the amount. This help you in the long run.

3. Pay only for Carpet Area & not for balcony

Builders cheat you with the expenses you are facing. If you are smart enough then you can save up to 2-5% of the price of your new home by paying only for the original carpet area & not for balcony.

4. Go for cash discounts over free stuff

Builders may offer you freebies but don’t take them & ask for cash discounts.

5.Wait For the Right Time

This is the most important thing that one must consider. Its all about waiting for the right time to go for a purchase.  Always invest in a property when market is low and prices have come down.

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