MoneyMakingGoal.Com was started by Sazzad Zahir to blog about money making ideas both being online or offline. You can read the posts concerning your queries regarding money making & other aspects related to that only. Please do have patience in the process of money making as it is not an instantly working process. But, surely, the ideas that you may learn in this blog can work in the long run to make good money as they have been pointed out after some good research done & reading out the stats of surveys & data available.

This Blog has been divided into 4 categories as follows :-

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As it can be observed from the names of these categories, the ideas can be broadly divided into online & offline ventures. However some posts can be difficult to be described in the online or offline money making categories so they would come in the miscellaneous category.

We added a specific category of cryptocurrencies also as a child category to online money making as they are becoming very popular with time and need proper articles on specific topics that are being searched for by the users on the internet.

This blog came into existence due to the curiosity of sazzad on this issue of money making & he wanted online presence through some medium, so blogging was the way to go for him.

Kindly read the posts & share them with friends if you like them, however one thing is for sure that you would really like the ideas of money making as obviously both our & your goal should be money making as a part of of our lifestyle in the fast life of today, hence this blog has been named as


As it can be concluded from the logo above, which is our logo, this blog is about money making techniques to achieve the goal of money making, either online or offline. Hope you find this blog user friendly & valuable in content.

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