Do bartenders make money ? – A quest being answered

If you are ready to stick with bartending then it will pay you big time. When you learn to become a bartender, you are told many aspects of the art like mixing cocktails, pulling beer taps, e.t.c. But, after learning the art & doing it professionally you learn many practical aspects & the real earning journey starts then only. Here is this post on how much do a bartender make or an indication of that.

Do bartenders make good money

Basic earning medium of bartenders

If a bartender is paid on an hourly basis which can be a very low measure if you are not up for it. However in some states they are paid salaries. It depends on which state you are in. You can even be paid up to $30k per year as salary in states like Hawaii, Washington, Massachusetts and Oregon. Mostly, bartenders do have to work with other occupations to earn a livelihood. However the most noteworthy income medium of a bartender is tips. Mostly, a bartender earn a handsome amount of tips if he or she is an artistic fellow who can impress his or her customers.

How to get paid more as a bartender ?

There can be few points that should be read upon as an answer to this question. They are :-

  • Be liked by your customers & employer.
  • Listen to drunk people attentively & tell them jokes.
  • Give compliments and advice to the people around.
  • The booze should come at a plenty & at steady pace.
  • Don’t make a thirsty person wait on their drink
  • Play good music or song in the bar
  • If you are liked by your customers & employers, you will gain better and higher paying shifts  or working hours

Tending a bar at a busy nightclub, a friend of mine regularly pulled in upwards of $300 a night and on many Fridays he took in more than $600. I was astonished to know that for providing a bit of quality conversation he could make $50 a drink at a mountain resort.

There is a lot of of money to be made in bartending, if you can learn the art, work really fast, say the right things to the right people and always play the perfect song or instrumental that is required.

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