Blogs to follow if you want to make money blogging

Every blogger on the internet is following some blogs that are already established & are making money. I also follow a list of such blogs & wanted to write about them on this post of mine. I have already written about making money from blogging but some inspirational sources for me are here in this list.

List of blogs to follow to make money from blogging

List of blogs to follow & make money blogging


This is a blog that every aspiring blogger should follow because it was started by Harsh Agrawal who wants to establish blogging as an industry in India.


Amit Agrawal runs this blog & his email list is a great subscription to have. He constantly mails about many good tools around the internet & I use them all to make full use in due course.


This is a blog that inspires my content. This blog is owned by pritham nagrale who writes passionately about his topics & must be amongst the top earners from adsense.

A new age blogger who is settling quite high standards with his unique way of presentation. It is run by Ankit Sigla.


A blog by Nikhil Saini, who has a very original way of writing & I like to read about his posts. His analytical head is the way to success with his blog that sort of binds the readers on reading his articles.

Which are the blogs that you follow yourselves ? Share your list in the comments section below.

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