How much money does a computer engineer make – A simple analysis

In the digital world of today, a computer engineer has a lot of demand & if you are good at your creativity  along with logic then you can certainly make a very good computer engineer. Here is a post on how much money does a computer engineer makes.

How much money does a computer engineer make

Data on how much money a computer engineer makes

Firstly, when we do take a look at what a computer engineer does, we find out that they create the necessary components of any information system which can even be a chip or a circuit or even a super computer. It can even be a software that is meant to work with this hardware mentioned above.This profession can be entered in after a bachelors degree in engineering & can even produce a six figure salary.

Computer engineers made $110k+ per year as of 2014. The lowest earners received less than $65k+. The highest paid engineers made more than $150k+. Computer engineers made more than an average of $91k+ per year which is higher than that of the engineers in most of the other trades or branches. In fact, only petroleum, aerospace and nuclear science engineering collected higher income than those in computer engineering.

You education defines the level of your income in the field of engineering. Undergraduate degree holders do make an average income of $65k+ annually out of which one fourth make $55k+ & rest making $100k+. Another point that should be noted is that the male engineers make more than the female engineers & that too by about 20%.

Michigan has the highest average annual income for computer engineers, averaging $116k+, followed by California at $114k+. The lowest income group was found at Idaho & Oklahoma with $75k+. The auto industry & silicon valley at Michigan & California respectively are the reasons behind this difference in income while none of the suitable industries for engineers are found at the states with low average income.

An increase in job opportunities for computer engineers is predicted until 2020. However the increase in the last decade was higher than in this decade as the boom in technology is reaching its saturation with every decade passing by. However, all the industries need computer engineers hence demand will come from every industry that uses advanced computer technology that continues to be a part of our daily life.

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