Costs of maintaining an online business – Resources explained

When you talk about money making online, you have to consider the costs also that take place to run the business smoothly. Most of the online earners while referring their program to you never reveal the costs of the business they are running. I wanted to write about it & hence I decided to write this post. Here is the point wise description of whatever resources you need & their costs to maintain a healthy online business.

Costs of maintaining an online business - Resources explained

Points on the costs of running a stable online business

  • The most important cost is of the domain name that you are going to use for running your online business. It can be of a single website or of many websites. Usually people Buy Domains through domain registrars like Godaddy, e.t.c so that they can have that name registered under their name & they could use it whenever & wherever they want. Generally the costs of a normal domain name can be in a range of $2 to $20 but sometimes a premium domain can be availed for even $2k+. These premium domains are the ones which have a very unique name & can be in a lot of demand.
  • The other big cost of the web hosting you have to use he host your domain/domains on. There are various companies like bluehost e.t.c that provide the opportunity to host domains but before choosing your host you have to consider the strength of any hosting you are going to use. The quality of hosting can be shared, VPS, Dedicated , managed e.t.c & the prices defer in this sense only . I have seen dedicated servers been provided for over $250 per month & there have been some shared hosting offers that take only $4 per month to host your websites. However, as per the demand of your website you have to choose the right kind of hosting.
  • Web Designing is an art now a days. You can join the exclusive memberships of companies that provide great themes or plugins for wordpress & start making good money with that as the presentation in these themes & plugins is simply brilliant. My company to work with in this field is MyThemeShop.
  • Email Marketing is the basic necessity if you want to grow your blog/website. There are many companies like Getresponse that take only $15 per month for providing this service.
  • Hiring for content & other services also requires some money to be working well for you in the long run. The hiring can be done from elance , fiverr , e.t.c for nay kind of services like video presentation, article writing , e.t.c
  • Software subscriptions can also be taken into consideration if you need some extra stuff to use up for maximum productivity. These softwares can be search engine marketing softwares like semrush, ahrefs, e.t.c

Here were my points on online business costs. What are your suggestions related to this topic ? Do you want to add something to the points I have mentioned ? Kindly comment on the post below to enlighten my visitors.

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