Crazy ways to make money – Yeaah!! these are crazy ones

There are many ways to make money but some of those can be called as crazy because they are very different from the general ways to make money by any person. I decided to write this article because there are many kinds of people in this world & some of them love to be called crazy.

crazy ways to make money

Top selected crazy ways to make money

1.Renting any empty space you own

There may be some place in you house or any related building that you own which is empty. That place can be used up someone needy in return of extra bucks.

2.Become a helper

You can help people with some activity that is crazy in nature & people do need some help out of it. These situation can be anything like having a hangover e.t.c where you can take care of them & get them out of trouble so that you can be paid.

3.Selling anything you own

Renting is one thing but selling is different in nature as you giveaway something you own while you are selling. This can surely make you money & you can sell anything that is required by your client. It can be anything like trees, old matter, or even hairs e.t.c

4.Get paid for any of your snapshots

I have written about few sites that you can use to upload your taken pics & make money through them but, there are people who are seeking for realistic pics related to their work either online or offline too. These pics can also be used to decorate people’s surroundings & in return you can get a handsome amount especially if you become popular in this trade.

I could have mentioned more crazy ways to make money but these are the ones I did come up thinking about & have published them. Please do add to this writing through the comments section below & share if you like this as seriously, some people can make use of these ways to make money in whatever way they can.

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