How to make money by creating a website ?

A website is an address on the internet that has either information related to the searched content on the internet or is business presentation for products or services that can be bought up by visitors. Every website can make money if it is monetized properly. Here I have described some ways you can use to make money by creating a website.

how to make money by creating a website

Ways for website to make money

3rd party ad networks

Google adsense & some of the adsense alternatives can be used as 3rd party ad networks to monetize your website. These can be long lasting & stable sources of income if you are ready to provide the best content for your visitors on the internet.

Affiliate marketing

Check out the 5 affiliate ad networks that you can use to generate extra revenue from your website through promoting concerned products.

Direct ad selling

Put up an advertising corner in your website that can be used by interested people to invest in your site directly through their ads, either they are banner ads or textual ads.

Selling own products or services

Sell your own services or products related to your website’s niche & earn through that. If you are a brand which is popular then this can certainly help big time.

Flipping the website

Flippng a website is actually selling it to anyone who needs it after establishing a website to a level which can make it sell for a handsome amount of money.

There can be more ways but I have mentioned these basic ways only as they are general in nature & easy for people to understand & most of you can read about it in my post about make money from blogging. Leave your comments if you have more ideas.

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