Few of the creative ways to make extra money using imagination

We all know that creativity is the essence of life & we are driven by the creativity we have. I was thinking about some of the creative ways to make extra money that can help us in due course & become fruitful with time. This can surely help in the long run if you are good at something or creative about it then you can use to make some extra money

creative ways to make extra money

12 Creative ways to make extra money


Inventing something that is useful & helpful for mankind will be a great source to make extra money along with your day job or business. This invention can be anything that you can think of as a daily usage tool or something & sell it at a price that is suitable for its users.

Art Modelling

You can be an art model of any kind which is suitable for you. There are many kinds of art modeling assignments present in the society & you can choose anyone from them only.


This is a creative way because it requires a lot of work to get to the core of any topic & when you are good at it, you can use your research for any valuable outcome. This can lead you to generate an income on a timely basis along with making you & your work popular.

Designing classes

Now a days there are many kinds of classes available in the world especially with the rise in the online activities of people. You can launch online or offline courses or provide tuition on any subject that you feel comfortable with. These classes can make you a handsome income if you are really good at teaching, however this can be easily achieved if you are obviously creative in your approach.

Writing books

Books writing can be done by people ho have seen & read a lot. The books can be on any topic that is in demand & people like to read it. The only condition in here is that you have to be a talented fellow to write books either you are writing an e-book or something else. Obviously, if you get a good publisher you can make damn good money with this way.


Painting is an art form that can be either painting on canvas or murals or whatever you may like to be cozy with. People do take this work as a hobby & in the mean time do make money if their painting is sold or their painting art has the zeal in it.


Crafting is nothing but using different matter from your surroundings to produce something creative in nature. Either you do that for old age people or kids, this can make you money if you are fine at it.

Jewellery making

This is a hobby of people who are born designers. They like to draw their stuff & make it real with beautiful jewellery. This has a great industry behind it & hence can make you good money.

Fashion designing

Clothes are a certain commodity that are used by people & you do want to look attractive with your clothes. So, fashion designing is a way to earn a livelihood if you like to design clothes for people of various ages.


If you have beautiful handwriting then you can use it to make extra money as even handwriting is in demand for writing some of the content that has to be written in an artistic manner.


This can be a way to make money if you have a business understanding & you can run it properly. However this work can make you good money if you do it as freelancer for many sites that are present on the internet as explained in our post about earning money without investment.

Web designing

This is also an art in many ways & it is in demand now a days. In fact there are many business houses that always take work from web designers. Hence this can also be an extra source of income.

Here were the 12 creative ways to make extra money as presented by me. I think you surely have a hobby in one of those points & everyone has, so share this with friends on social media.

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