How much money does a dentist make ?

Dentists are the professionals who care & heal your teeth. There are said to make a lot of money. I wanted to research about it. Hence I did some study & came to a conclusion with a short article. Here is this article on how much money does a dentist make?

How Much Money does a dentist make

Study of how much money does a dentist make ?

Important parts of your mouth like teeth, gums, e.t.c are diagnosed & treated by dentists working in their clinic with their support staff who are either junior dentists or clerks. It depends on how much time they work that how much money will they make as they work as per the situation of their patients & the level of disease or disorder their patients have.

Generally, at an average , a dentists makes $162k+ per year according to the data of 2012. Properly, the oral care work is a hard work to do & this kind of pay is good only for those who think that they should work for the betterment of mankind only. This can be said as there are many aspects of work for a dentist. In the US, the dentists with their own clinics make the most of the money, followed by employees of other practitioners, while the lowest income group is of the dentists who work under state government bodies.

Talking about states, New Hampshire provided the highest income until a survey done in 2012, however the highest amount of jobs related to dentists were found in California. A bachelor’s degree in sciences is required to go to dental school along with passing a dental acceptance test. You have to pass every theory & practical exam in these schools as only then you can get a license to practice.

Moreover, dental specialties require training & residencies & the different kinds of dentists which are maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, prosthodontists e.t.c  have a different payscale however that difference is not a huge one to be considered.

Here is an old but very true video explaining how much money a dentist makes.

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