How do apps make money in this modern age ?

This modern age has provided us many things to consider & apps of smartphones are one of them. Have you ever thought how apps make money ? This is a question that came up in my head sometime back. I installed many apps, took a look at many of them, read articles & practically came to the conclusion how they really make money. Here is an article on it for general people to understand it properly.

How do apps make money

Ways that Apps make money with

I did ask a question once to myself that why is whatsapp worth $19Billion & found 5 ways that a free app can make money with. These are as explained below :-


Just like other basic earning ideas, Ads are again a related matter to earn with apps. There can be banner ads that you can use to earn money. You just have to search for ad networks that can pay you big time for app views or downloads as that monetizes their ads.

Cost per install

If  your app can combine up with a third party that can pay you to install its software or game then you are surely going to make good money with it, however your app has to be getting loads of view per day.


If you have a great idea with an app you can get sponsors for that & you can upload the app with their brand name. They can be helpful for you to market your app and you can earn through that only.

In-app purchases

There may be some more features that require you to pay for them in any app. These are called as in-app purchases. This can even be subscription to feeds or related matter to that app.

Freemium Upsell

This is mostly not present with all the apps but is a way to make money for the apps as this is nothing but a requirement of a paid version of an app that you downloaded for free.

Here were the ways that I have compiled stating that how apps make money. Do you have any other ideas? State them through comments section.

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