How much money does a neurosurgeon make ?

Neurosurgeon is a doctor who is a specialist in Neurosurgery which is concerned with any portion of the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and cerebrovascular system. The different branches of neurosurgery are as follows :-

  • geriatric neurosurgery
  • neuropsychiatric surgery
  • pediatric neurosurgery
  • skull base surgery
  • spinal neurosurgery
  • peripheral nerve surgery
  • oncological neurosurgery
  • stereotactic neurosurgery
  • vascular neurosurgery
  • endovascular neurosurgery

In the United States, it is a very competitive specialty & you have to have a 4 years of undergraduate degree from medical school & 7 years of residency. Generally a fellowship done as a practice under residency can be beneficial for anyone who wants to be a successful neurosurgeon.

Here, I have compiled this post on how much a neurosurgeon make as honestly, there would be many who would like to be in this occupation & would like to know the answer.

How much money does a neurosurgeon make

How Much Money Does a Neurosurgeon Earn?

Neurosurgeons are very well paid as there job is considered as the most demanding in nature. Tat is why training & quality education is required to be a neurosurgeon.

According to my research done, until 2013, the average income on an annual basis for neurosurgeon was $800k + . However the top guys in this field make more than a million if they are very good at it & have made a name.

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