How much money do nurses make working for a better cause

When you talk about health care services, you talk about a career of nursing. Yes, a nurse is the one who explains courses of treatment, illness e.t.c and treats the patient to get benefits of personal recovery and prevention from causing effects. They also inform the patient of active treatment, including medication and its effects. Lastly, they ensure that the patient is educated about available choices and resources . You may have a question like how much money do nurses make & here is a post on this topic only.

How much money do nurses make

Firstly you have to be a well qualified nurse & done a nursing program. After that it is only a matter of time & you becoming more aware of your work that you can develop a good income of your nursing job. To motivate yourself you should first know why should you be a nurse ?

Analysis of how much money do nurses make

Different states have different pay scale but the scale varies between $83k+ to $49k+ at an average on an annual basis depending upon the population, size & cost of living of the state. Bigger the state, bigger is its money earning opportunities.

The average wage for a RN (Registered Nurse) was around $69k+ or about $33+ as an hourly rate in 2014. The lowest paid RNs made less than $22 per hour and the highest paid made more than $47 per hour. The outpatient care centers are the highest paying industries for registered nurses. In 2014, the top paying state for a registered nurse was California.
Remember that registered nurses are the ones to look out for in the healthcare industry as they have a cause for their work & they get a lot of love from the suffering people whom they help in healing. My blog is about money making but the cause of the work should also be taken a look apart from the money making capability.
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