How much money does the president make – A study done for the people

The president is the head of state in the country. He is also paid a salary like any other common man. People do like to know how much a president makes. Hence, I have compiled this short post based on stats collected from various sources.

How much money does the president make

An analysis of the money made by the president since the beginning

Currently, the salary of the president is $ 400 k . It all began in 1789 & salary has been raised 5 times since then.

According to the data that we have got, here is a table of salary in a given year in the history.

Year  ≅ Salary


1789 ≅ $ 25k

1873 ≅ $ 50k

1909 ≅ $ 75 k

1949 ≅ $ 100k

1969 ≅ $ 200k

2001 ≅ $ 400k

The 44 presidents that the country has seen since 1789 didn’t receive the pension & other security concerns even after retirement. This changed in 1958 & each former president receives the same salary as a current member of the Presidential Cabinet.

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