How much money does a veterinary technician (vet tech) make ?

People who act as a helping hand for a veterinary physician doing their duties, or work for improving animal health as a part of a veterinary care system are called as Para-veterinary workers or veterinary technician. They are called as veterinary nurse, veterinary technician, veterinary assistant and veterinary technologist e.t.c depending on their job profile. Some countries allow only qualified para-veterinary workers while others ask for people working as volunteers & gain experience to be a professional vet tech.

They are supervised by licensed veterinarians, help care for sick or injured animals. Although duties are different for different vet techs, they may collect samples, perform tests, maintain records, administer medicines, sterilize surgical instruments or provide animals with whatever care they need.

How much money does a Veterinary Technician make

Study of how much money a vet tech makes

As per my study, until 2012,  the average salary for veterinary technicians was $32k+ annually. According to the amount of the work that they have to do the range of income varied  a lot. Vet techs employed by federal and state government agencies earned the highest average annual salaries which was greater than the average income at general hospitals. Alaska paid the highest amount of income followed by New York , Connecticut, Virginia and Massachusetts. West Virginia had the lowest average salary however it was a bit higher than that in Oklahoma, Kentucky , Idaho & Alabama. It can be easily said that metropolitan area of any state, even California pay higher than the countryside state areas.

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