How to make money blogging – The ideas explained

How to make money blogging is a very common question now a days as when people search for income resources in today’s life, they do take a look at internet for some ways as internet is a part of our life now. Yes, blogging is an art of writing valuable content that is searched for on the internet. People make a lot of effort to learn good & efficient blogging that can help them make money in the long run.

make money blogging

Ways to make money blogging

The very valuable & known ways to make money blogging are as follows:-

Using ad networks

There are many ad networks like Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks, Viglink, revenue hits present  on the internet to make money blogging. You can use them as per your choice to monetize your blog. But remember that it should be your priority to publish valuable content more than monetizing your blog, so that more eye balls come up to watch to your content, otherwise the advertising on your blog may go in vein.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate networks like ShareASale, ClickBank, e.t.c give you an opportunity to promote other people’s websites or products & make an incentive even in recurring. This is the kind of service you can provide to your own used products also by promoting them in a way that they are sold as per their demand & in the process you can make a good commission.

Providing services

Services related t blogging & your niche should be provided as this is a proper business activity for those who like the work they do & want to be professional with their approach.

Writing e-books

An e-book can be an extension to your blog, providing more information related to your blog niche. You can sell it as per your choice for a cost that is affordable. But, this kind of technique can be fruitful only when you are popular, credible & trustworthy with your content, hence you should always provide a free e-book with your blog in the beginning.

A blog  makes money like television channel or newspaper or magazine. Sometimes even a micro niche website that provides relevant information to an in demand product service or keyword can make good money. So, we should be wary of the fact that our content should be good enough to be read, liked & shared on the internet so that we can make a brand over the internet. Otherwise it is quite difficult for us to make money blogging.

What are your ways of making money through blogging ? Discuss by writing comments below to this post.


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