I want Money – How not to be in a state to ever say this ?

“I want Money”. Have you ever been in a situation to say this ? This can come up only if you need money for some reason or you want to make money as a target in your life. This post is about how not to be in a situation to say this ever & constantly be in a state of thinking that you have enough money that you can use in an optimized way for whichever purpose you want.

I want money

How not to be in a state to say I want Money ?

When you get up in the morning there are many feelings that can come up to your mind instantly. One of those feelings can be “I want money”. You just have to figure out a natural way to be working in such a manner that you never have to think or even say that anytime during the day. If you constantly work & have a balanced routine thinking about your daily activities which can be your job, spending time with family, taking a tour or whatever you can think of then you would realize that you would never say that ever being busy in different acts, on the other hand money will also be coming in if you are just working at your job to make your life better. Just by being excellent at your work you can generate a good enough income & you would never have to say the words “I want money”.

Being happy is also a way to overcome your monetary, mental & physical tensions that can only improve your well being livelihood as it all comes from within. I had to write this post as it is also related to the niche of my blog & we should always give it a thought to be considered in the long run as above all our life is more important than how much money we are making.

Have you ever been in a state to say I want Money!! Leave comments on my article if you think of something to comment upon & share this article especially with people whom you think say that I want money some times.

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