How much money do interior designers make ?

Many people do like to decorate their homes with artistic presentations of their goods or even others. They can even use it as a career & it is called as interior designing. Some people do search for how much money do interior designers make & here is a post on that subject only.

How much money do interior designers make

They look for artistic ideas to improve spaces for residents or office people. An interior designer does not work like a decorator. Designers go beyond providing beauty to plan great layouts while following codes of building and needs of customers. The United States had nearly 55k+ interior designers as of 2013.

Data of earnings of interior designers

Interior designers earned an average of $50k+ a year until 2013 which is higher than annual wages of the country. It varies based on experience and background.

Earnings for interior designers depend upon states too. District of Columbia made the most in 2013, annual wage of $80k+. Connecticut came in second for pay at $67k+. New York took home $65k+. Next 2 were were Rhode Island, at $62k+, and Utah, at $61k+. States with the lowest designer pay included North Dakota, Mississippi, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Interior designers may earn more in some other industries. Used merchandise stores, federal executive branch newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers are some of them. While some paid lower amounts like furniture stores, building material and supplies dealers.

On the whole, if you are a qualified interior designer then you are eligible to perform many high level jobs that can fill your pocket with good money & on a longer term too.

To end this post, I would say that you can make good money in you are in construction business but it will be even more good for you if you have artistic skills as you can really impress customers with interior designing of their houses or buildings apart from construction.

Here is a bit old but very much indicative video of how much an interior designer make ?

Watch it if you like to decorate your house or others as i can even be a career for you.

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