How to make money with amazon affiliate program ?

Amazon affiliate program is an opportunity to make good money by Amazon which is an eCommerce company. I wanted to write on this topic even when the reality is that I don’t make money with amazon as I know that its a worthy opportunity for my visitors. So, here is a descriptive post on that only.

How to make money with amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program : The money making monster

Amazon is a huge online marketplace & pays up to 15% of the sales you make as an affiliate especially if you are deals, or coupons blogger or even a mobile or gadgets blogger you can make some good extra earning through it.

Sign Up for the Affiliate Program

Click Here to apply for being an affiliate of amazon. After this, you have to submit a payment method for yourself which can be a check or amazon gift card or direct bank deposit e.t.c depending upon your geographic location.

Monetize your blog

After completing the above process, you have to get affiliate links, banners & widgets depending on your niche. Remember to choose very suitable products to your blog that can have a demand of buying on them. I have also posted 2 videos on this topic as below. Follow them depending upon  your location.

Here is a bit old but good video on affiliate program to get a know how of this money making opportunity.

Here is another video on affiliate program as I am an Indian & the best information for Indians specifically should also be provided by me. There is not much difference in this video from the above one but it has to be seen by interested individuals for proper understanding of this subject.

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