How to make money with your own Car ?

People do have cars in their homes & they use it too. But, sometimes they may feel that they are not using it fully. They want to make extra income with their cars & hence they search for ways to make money with their own cars. I have compiled this post on that topic for you to consider your car as a source of income which can be used in various ways. Read these points carefully if you seriously want to earn with your cars.

How to make money with your own Car

Ways to make money with your own cars

  • Selling Your Car

Sell your Car if you don’t use it frequently. You can always use the money you get by selling it to invest in a healthy returns providing platform. These returns can be good enough to become a stable source of income with time.

  • Converting your car in a food truck or ice cream parlour

Using your car as a food items provider can be good source if you park it at a great place with lots of market potential. However you may have to hire people to serve food to the people who come to eat at your Car.

  • Giving tours with your Cars

Tourist destinations can be a good source of income for any guide or person like you who gives those tours in his/her Car. Its because people do come to see these places of interest everyday.

  • Do Car Pooling

Car pooling or sharing the car to reach a place can be a good opportunity to earn some bucks. However, it starts as a deal where you ask your partner to pay for the fuel only & it becomes a consistent source of income if you are doing it continuously.

  • Shipping of Goods & Home deliveries

Many companies that provide Home deliveries of items purchased online or ordered on phone need vehicles to do the shipping or home delivery of these items. You can contact them to make some money out of it only.

  • Provide advertising space on your Cars

This can be a common one for any of the car owners who like to provide ad spaces on their Cars. You can show banner ads on your Cars on either the Gates or Carrier on the head e.t.c charging your clients on a monthly basis.

  • Rent your Car to Drivers

There are drivers who don’t have their cars. You can rent your car to them & get paid monthly. This business is a good month as the driver also earns everyday by driving any client or customer.

  • Give driving lessons

People do want to learn car driving. You can give them lessons & get some money back in return.

  • Use it with any Cab Service Provider

There are some cab service like OLA or UBER which provide you an opportunity to run your car as a taxi. for them. You get paid by the company itself. If you live in a big city with a lot of demand of taxis then you can use this earning medium.

Here are some points I gave about making money with your cars. Leave comments after reading the points so that we can have a healthy discussion going around.

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