How to make money online with google ?

I was searching the internet & suddenly a though came up in my mind the we search everything on google. Basically Google earns through ads. But, how can we make money online with google ? This question landed me to my answer after some research done in this field & here i have compiled a post on that topic only.

Make money online with google

The best way to make money online with Google

After spending some time searching for various ways I have realized that the best way to make money google is Google Adsense which provides the most recurring & passive income online in the field of online money making.

A publisher on the internet either publishing videos on a YouTube channel , writing a blog , or having some kind of online presence in the form of a website can earn using this program. It is very easy to use & you can make use of it big time if you spend some time reading & writing or publishing great content for your viewers or visitors.

The only thing that really matters while using this monetizing program is that you have to keep in mind their terms of service & whatever you publish on the web is good enough to be first approved to have an adsense account & then generate an income out of its fair content for your audience. The Adsense Policies should be strictly followed by you if you want your income to keep coming & increasing with time. I will publish about YouTube money making in the future & the Youtube Partnership Policy also has to be followed if you want serious income through your videos. Because YouTube is owned by Google it is also monetized by Adsense.

According to my experience, the best way to make money with google adsense is to have the following necessities fulfilled :-

  • A good Domain Name for a Blog
  • A Good hosting Provider like Bluehost.
  • Well known niche to make a site on
  • Targeted keyword Research
  • Quality Content both for blogs & videos
  • A YoutTube Channel associated with Blog

The above points can be searched on Google itself to know details about them. Do you use Google Adesense to make money online ? Which other innovative ideas you would suggest to make money online with google ? Please leave your comments below & share this post with as many you can.

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