How to make money with pay per click ?

There are many ways to make money online & one of them is pay per click. It is a concept that rose out of innovative minds when internet was thought of a medium to make money. Here I have compiled a post on how to make money with pay per click in a way that is very easy to understand who uses internet.

How to make money with pay per click

Concepts of how to make money with pay per click

Pay per click or PPC, can also called as cost per click & it is an online advertising setup used to direct traffic to websites or online pages, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. In fact Google makes money using this business idea only through its own advertising programs.

PPC is commonly associated with search engines where the bidding is done for particular keywords by advertisers relative to their niche. Other sites charge a fixed amount for advertising. These ads can be banner ads, textual ads or even media played as videos or flash content. All these kinds of ads can be shown on search engines & other websites.

These sponsored ads are displayed generally on relative niche sites or sites that can produce a good return. Basically search engine ads totally depend upon the keywords typed in but the ads shown on a particular site can be based upon visitor’s interests due to cookie usage in the browser by the ad network.

After understanding PPC business model, the most important part is how to make money with pay per click & it can be understood with a simple concept that when advertiser invests in ads, he/she is advertising something that has a potential to generate revenue or leads for the business of the advertiser, which is going to make the money as return on the initial investment to advertise. The profit made can differ depending up on placement of ads but it is highly significant if used properly. This is the way to generate money out of PPC.

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