How to make money as a personal trainer ?

A personal trainer is the one who settles targets for his/her clients in terms of fitness & then work on them to achieve those goals. A personal trainer is nothing but a fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They work on several aspects of the client’s strength & assess on the fitness before or after an exercise program. General health & nutrition are also considered in this profession as subject to teach. They are specialists in their own fields. They also refer their clients to proper trainers & specialists if the medical condition of that client is not suited to their method of working. People do search for how to make money as a personal trainer & here I have compiled this post on this topic.

How to make money as a personal trainer

5 points on how to make money as a personal trainer

  1. Maintaining your clients to be with you for the long run.

You have to provide a great environment to your clients for them to feel good & stay with you for as long as possible. This will make your income passive as they will be regular because of their liking of you & your methods. Building up positivity is the way to go to have long term customers. It motivates them to come again & again & get trained by you. Whenever you aks me, how to make money as a personal trainer, this is the most important point that I have to tell you.

  1. Asking your clients to bring more people to be trained by you.

You should also give your clients a task to bring more poeple to you so that you can multiply your income faster but keep in mind that your relations with the clients should be great by which they never hasitate to market you naturally to the people they meet every day in their lives.

  1. Increasing your pay/salary with time.

Hikes in the fees you take is a must as with time the value of money depreceates at least according to current trends & you should increase your fees every year or so, keeping inb mind is it affordable by your clients & you are good enough to provide as good services that do justice to your fees.

  1. Knowing how much you earn & spend

Keeping a record of how much you earn will help you to earn more by knowing how much work has to be put in & it also helps in deciding how much to spend. You can also make an extra income by becoming a brand or popular as a personal trainer &  pubishing your own books. This can also include guidance on being  personal trainer for young generation.

  1. Partnering with professionals in related fields.

Partnering with people like professional massage therapists, nutritionists e.t.c is also very important as that adds to the services you provide & also a slight increse in income can be seen by doing this. By the way, if you are asking that how to make money as a personal trainer then partnering is a great way to enhance your income. The following steps are helpful in maintaing a partnership.

  • Tell about youself to each other’s clients being partner by sharing contact information e.t.c
  • Work together at a time interval in collaboration
  • Consulting can also be great thing to do by asking each other for some time
  • Get online & join each other’s websites ot blogs to spread knowledge

Like in any other business you both should trust each other & be helpful for each other so that you can both thrive on each other easily.

Are you a personal trainer ? How much do you earn as one ? Share your replies through comments below.

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