How to make money texting – An innovative Idea

Everyone is busy now a days in texting on there smartphones. I wanted to search for ways on how to make money texting. I did get some points to write & compiled this post with all those points. Read it out as you can use all these points to make money even while texting on your phones.

How to make money texting

Points on How to make money texting

  • The basic point you have to consider about making money with texting is that you have to answer queries through text messages to get paid. There are few websites that pay you for this service you provide. One of them has been briefly described below for your convenience.
  • You can signup at to answer anyone’s query that comes up through their platform by texting. You get paid by Chacha.Com itself for whatever help you provide.
  • ChaCha.Com pays between 10 to 20 cents for each answered question. This is not that great as a full time job but surely it is fun doing with other leisure activities you do everyday.
  • Click Here to apply for being a guide on Chacha.Com. Remember that it will take sometime to get registered as they ask questions while registering someone. This assures them that you can be great guide if some questions areĀ  given to you.
  • There are 5 different positions to apply if you want to be a part of this website. All of them are described below:-
  1. Vetter: They choose the most suitable answer from a list of answers already provided. You should be quick in response to hold this position.
  2. Transcriber: This job needs you to hear & write. You have to write down the questions to be answered by fellow members. Your hearing should be impeccable to do this job.
  3. Generalist: The not so expert guy/gal who can find the answers the quickly comes up in this category. Exploration power should be great for this job.
  4. Expeditor: This one is an expert in some category. Qualification with experience is a must for this category of job.
  5. Specialist: People with specific knowledge in some category come up in this position.

All these Guide positions with a small difference in all of them. You can think of any one of them that you feel is suitable for you & apply for that position only. All the best on making money from texting.

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