How to make money using instagram ?

Instagram is an App that users make use of by uploading their pics on it constantly. Some of the questions I had in my mind were how to make money with Instagram. So I decided to research about it & compile a post on it. Read this post carefully if you are a regular user of instagram App.

How to make money with instagram _

Points on how to make money using instagram

  • Sell your photos online if you think they have a demand in the market & people like them. You can take pics everyday & upload them to instagram. People who tend to like them can be potential consumers of your pics.
  • Selling Products online as a part of Affiliate Marketing is also a method, for instance you can promote any product that can earn you good commission base in the long run.
  • Sponsor a Product on Your Behalf through your instagram account & ask your followers to give it a go.
  • Create Value for Your Account and Sell it which can be done if you have 10000+ followers.

Tips for Increasing Your Sales through your instagram account

Some of the great tips on how you can be making more money with your Instagram account:

  • Learn using different high quality cameras. Your photos must be perfect so they get more eyeballs & they can become a talking point also.
  • Learn to Create a right kind of bio or profile & make it accordingly.
  • Relevant hashtags to attract targeted audience can make your content go viral.
  • Try to engage your followers in a conversation if you want a healthy outcome
  • Promote right kind of product & please use it genuinely first up before promoting.
  • Creating videos are very important if you want to grow rapidly.
  • Get your fans involved by posting great content pics which they can like.
  • Use social media platforms like twitter and facebook.

What are your thoughts about my points on making money with instagram ? Leave comments below to have a healthy discussion on this topic.

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