Making Money on Youtube – A complete guide

If you are interested in making videos & want to make money out of your hobby then there is a great option to use youtube to make money with your videos. If you want to know how to make money on youtube then you have to read this article thoroughly as it is the ultimate & most planned post that tells you about the process in details.

Making money on youtube

Basic points to Make money on youtube

  • Setup a youtube channel. You can create a new one or even an existing google account can be used to signup for youtube. After signing up you can easily create a youtube channel & assign a name to it.
  • Use the best quality hardware & software you can, to make quality videos. People who do it as a regular business hire artists to make their videos.
  • Add videos that are not very long but good & interesting to watch. Remember that your audience should be your priority.
  • Make a community of subscribers to your channel. This audience or subscribers are the ones who will either watch or share your content. Hence their interests have to be kept in mind.
  • Check out the Youtube Partnership Program & follow the steps it has provided about opting in to be a partner after enabling your video monetization . Also read the policies of this partner program so that proper content is uploaded by you & that can be followed in a legitimate manner.
  • Keep analyzing your videos for better revenue generation as per public demand e.t.c.
  • Keep marketing your videos regularly & with good methods like embedding on blogs, sharing on social media or submitting to sites that provide videos.

Read this list of Top 100 most subscribed Youtube channels in India & find out what is the unique thing in these video channels that they are subscribed by so many people. They are watched by the public on the internet & hence they make good money by ads.

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