How much money does a chef make – Yummy !!!

If you like to cook food then you must be interested to know that how much money a cook makes. I do like different cuisines famous around the world & want to taste them all. There are many like me who want to do the same. We need good chefs to make yummy food for us. Hence I came up with this post to know about the money making capability of chefs.

How much money does a chef make

Analysis of how much money a chef makes

Chefs are also called as head cooks as they head a team of people who helps them in cooking & they also have to take care of the cuisine’s taste which should be up to the mark for it to be eaten & becoming popular for the society of the concerned region. Executive chefs do work for 12-hours a day, from morning to late evenings until they close up after planning for the next day. The 91k+ chefs in the United States earned an average $47k+ per year until 2012.

The highest earning chefs made more than $75k+ annually, while the lowest earners received under $25k+ annually. A chef can be having different duties or titles. Full service restaurants are the biggest employers of chefs,  offering an average of $45k+ yearly. Executive chefs are the final authority in their kitchens. They plan menus, food material & their quantity, hire or train their staff and keep note of the activities of their second in command chefs. Specialist chefs work under them. They focus on food types such as meat, soups, pastries,  vegetable and salads.

No one requires an educational qualification to be a chef as most of the work is learned through working only. However, there are universities that provide training at their schools. These kind of studies can be called as culinary arts, culinary management and pastry arts. Institutes that teach these courses also provide apprentice programs that gives good practical experience to become a chef.

Due to the highest population, California had many people who wanted to go to restaurants time & again & hence the number of chefs was also the highest. The average income of a chef is around $50k annually. The top paying state in this concern is New York which pays around an average of $68k annually.

Here is a video of a chef telling about how much does a chef make in a descriptive manner.

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