7 Books to Read on money making & various related aspects of life

I have read some books. I had to read them if I had to be productive with whatever content I am coming with & will come with. I wanted to share the names of those books with you so that you can also take a look & make use of them. I chose to write this post & compiled a list of the 7 best I read about money making & attitude towards life. You can take a look at the list & suggest me with more books if you want, as basically this is a list compiled by me personally as per my experience & I have also got a limit to my knowledge & I learn everyday. I am an Indian & most of the books I have mentioned are from Indian writers. The links to the e-commerce websites to buy these books was also going to be described but because you can also search for it on google & buy it as per your choice it has been left upon you to choose.

7 Books to Read on money making & various related aspects of life

List of the books related to the topic

The Power of Positive Thinking

It is written by Norman Vincent Peale & is a good book to read on specially if you want literal inspiration to develop some positive attitude towards life. This seems to be the essence of the upcoming methodologies of the mannerism & money making that the other books talk about.

The Magic of thinking Big

It is written by David Schwartz, a deep thinker who realized the magic happening in some person’s life with a changed attitude towards life & mentioned it in this book. Its a must read even if you have yourself realized this magic as it will give you optimism upto full extent.

Dream With your eyes Open

An Indian entrepreneur, Ronnie Screwwala has written this book & it is about the practical journey he had to take on to develop an empire related to media. Its a must read as it tells about the hurdles one faces to develop something out of nothing.

The Guiding Light

Its a collection of quotes from Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, former president of India, who has compiled this book to give us an idea about the basic understanding, attitude & thinking of life

Chanakya Neeti

An old respected & learned person called Chanakya compiled a research on various aspects of life & related measures. These are mentioned in this book.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Its a very famous book written by Robert . T . Kiyosaki & is a complete guide on money & its aspects. But it is not about making money actually but is about living the life of a rich person, as compared to a poor guy.

The Monk Who sold his Ferrari

Its basically a philosophical presentation of money & its spiritual connectivity. It is a must read & is written by Robin Sharma who is a renowned writer.

Here was a list of 7 books chosen by me on money making & related life aspects. Kindly leave comments with more books if you want or even if there is a book in here which you don’t think should be here.

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