Why is Money Making the priority in the 21st century?

Today when I write this post, it is the end of 2015 as it is the last day of this year. I wanted to write on money making ideas & hence i started this blog. The first post had to be the basic one for starting this blog so I write this post about Why is money making the need of today?

Some time back in fact in the last century only, the money making ideas were not given priority because in comparison to today, the competition was not at this level & people had many ideas of making money which were implemented with full authenticity easily but today, even with many options that we have, it is not that simple as you have to be a master of your job if you want a full time & healthy money making livelihood.

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Change in lifestyle of mankind & Money Making

Yes, it is the change in the lifestyle of humans that has made the need of money making a priority for everyone. In comparison to few years back, today we have a lot of demand of new age things & items that are either costly or have a big price associated to them but we need them desperately to stay in hunt with the society. Hence, we need more money for all these things.

I have read many articles about money making & I always wanted to make more money . I found out many ways to do that & one of them was to blogging hence, I started blogging but it is not an easy thing to do because of lot of competition pursuing in the society in this field, but of course this is the new age money making technique, so I am making full use of it. On the whole you can say that it is a part of my lifestyle to fulfill my needs.

Value of Money has also degraded a lot. I can say that the number 1000 had a lot of value 25 years back for any currency but now it has degraded to at least 10 times now as everything has got very high costs. What we were purchasing for mere money has got a bounty & we have to calculate & work a lot to achieve any significant goal & item for our life.

On the whole, it is a fact that our needs are fulfilled when we have some money for our daily expenses either they are on our things, family or other deeds.

We can have many things due to money

We can’t get happiness, love & may be some more things with money but money does improve our financial situation & it gives us freedom in true sense to have anything we like as described above. Hence, concentrating on making money is the way to go if you want to use your time properly. I personally have some sources of income which are my job, investments, e.t.c & I like to write about them so I decide to write this blog.

This blog will give you a lot of information about online, offline money making techniques. Please do leave a feedback to my posts if you have any suggestions for my blog posts or categories.

The Conclusion

The conclusion to this post can be that yes, money making is the true & basic necessity in the 21st century because as explained above, we need it to have a healthy & resourceful life.

Do let me know your opinion through the below comments section on present & future of money making? How one should focus on that, which would yield results for longer span?

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