How much money do video game designers make ?

We have already told you about how to make money playing video games, but the main thing that has to come to the mind of anyone reading that post is how much money do video game designers make who design the video games & help us enjoy our time playing them alone or with a friend. This post is an indication of that only, so read it thoroughly.

How much money do video game designers make

Analysis of the earning of a video game designer

Video games making can be a great project, especially for the companies that publish them as it can bring higher profits than some of the general appliances. A known video game publisher, reported revenues of $1.21 billion, with profits of over $96 million. But video game publishers aren’t the only ones reaping rewards. Many game designers can earn great income who are a part of the team for these type of companies.

Software designers earned an average of $100k+ in 2012. But this salary reflects all designers. Today, The video game designers earn between $57,500 and $88,500 a year.

Salaries depend upon the location of your job. Designing video games in New York City, for example, often is considered as the best one because of its importance. Designers there earn higher per year in comparison to Oakland and  California that is higher than average. Designers in Appleton & Wisconsin are the lowest paid designers in the country.

Software developers in the beginning of this century expected a good rate of employment growth higher than most of the other occupations because of the demand of new and innovative games to play for the people especially young generations that uses smartphones. With the popularity of smartphones like devices, developers have even more platforms to design for like android e.t.c other than for play stations only.

Concluding this post, I can only say that you have to design a game that is going to be very attractive & challenging for its players. Interest is developed over time when it is played again & again. Comment on this post about my ideas & leave more data if you have more to talk or contribute about this topic.

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