Online Vs Offline money making – Which is better ?

I have talked to a lot of people about money making & they all have said many things about it. Some have said that online money making is far better than offline money making specially with the growing capabilities of internet & the revenue it can generate. I compiled few points by myself for you to read & make your choices that which one will you prefer to use & generate an income from.

Online Vs Offline money making - Which is better _

Points about online vs offline money making

There are a few points that you should consider about money making while being online or offline. All those points that can come up while you compare both online & offline money making are listed below. Just look at them & make your decision with the perception you develop.

  • Online money making can be considered as the future of mankind as everything you need today is available online. You just have to make an effort to go through it, learn it, embrace it & use it.
  • Offline money making is a choice of those who are either not that friendly with the internet or don’t trust it. You can also be one of them if you have doubts about the existence of internet , e.t.c.
  • There is a work culture that is pursuing in the society & people have different choice to make with what they like to do. Some people are stucked upon the internet while some of them are not working at all on the internet but use it for information & time pass only.
  • Honestly, internet has provided us with many opportunities & they all can be used profitably if they are employed in a good sense either you take your work as part time or full time.

After reading these points,  I must say that you would have made your mind about making a choice between online & offline money making. Do you have input on this article ? Leave comments & add value to the discussion.

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