How do rappers make money – A musical journey

Rapping is a also an art that is loved by a lot of people now a days especially the young generation. Rappers do flaunt the amount of money they make. But we should be wary of the fact that not all of them make as much as they do. For example, Jay Z or eminem are said to make millions of dollars, but the reality is that more than 90% rappers are not even close to that. But, there are some ways which can be thought about if you are talking about how do rappers make money.

How do rappers make money

Ways rappers use to make money

The only 2 things that can be talked about on this issue are touring of rappers & album sales .

When you talk about touring, the more you present yourself at concerts or public gatherings, the more you are going to make. Here is the real money if you are going to enthrall your audience with lively gesture of yours. If you are new, it can be a bit difficult but if you are known to a part of the audience as an established rapper then it is only a matter of time.

On the other hand, album sales is the other thing that is also an income stream. Your marketing manager is the person who is responsible for its sales as more popularity brings more sales & hence more money into your pocket. This can bring more offers & tours in your hands as popularity is a thing that people do like to use for their own benefits.

Concluding this post, I can only say that if you love to rap then you can make damn good money only by presenting yourself to people who like your performance, it doesn’t matter either you are a million dollar guy or not who is world famous.

Here is a video on how do rappers make money. In this video the creator has explained very well about it & you should watch it if you are really interested rap. 🙂

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