Rich Vs Poor : Points to ponder on By MoneyMakingGoal

There are always 2 sides to a coin & thinking or mindset always goes like this. Yes, it’s the mentality that makes someone rich or poor. It’s true that you can be a person who is born with a silver spoon but you need to have a mentality to maintain your status a rich guy. We were thinking about the points that could brief our readers about rich vs poor comparisons. Hence, we came up with this article with all the related points that could be listed.

Differences between the thinking of Rich & Poor

  • It is clearly evident from a study done that it’s your mind & the mentality you develop that guides you to become rich or poor. Hence, the basic point on this rich vs poor difference is that of positive thinking & negative thinking done by the rich or poor respectively.
  • The rich person listens to everyone but takes advices only from expert on a certain matter. On the other hand, poor people take advices from anyone who is talking to them.
  • The rich always have a praise towards the society & they never discriminate in fact consider every one in the society to be a part of their thing. They are always thankful towards the society for the contributions it has done in their lives. While, poor always  criticizes, condemns e.t.c to remain disconnected.
  • Rich People have a creative mind & they have a very constructive approach towards things of their interest. Poor people are always found to be lost in the rat race.
  • Rich people give more importance to time than money & most of them have a simple ideology that if you are a slave to time, the world can be your slave. On the other hand, poor people only think that money is the essence of happiness & all they want is money.
  • The best of the lot is chosen by the rich while the cheapest or low value providing item is chosen by poor people.
  • Rich People always have a team spirit in them & they like to work with their fellows while poor people think that it is them only in the game.
  • Making assumptions & living in the dark or illusion a lot , while rich people always have a curious mind to get out of tricky situations. In short they are more practical towards life.
  • Rich People always look  for the positive aspects in any topic like success & they motivate everyone while Poor people find faults only.
  • Poor people are found to be very sceptical but rich people have an aura of trust around them.

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These were the points we had to raise about the description of the topic on rich vs poor. Please leave comments below if you feel like.

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