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People do search for the top 10 ways to make money online now a days on a heavy note. I came to know this after reading out various statistics from various blogs & factual websites that come up with data regularly. I have written a lot about the various methods methods to make money online but I again wanted to place them in a list of top 10 as well as I can. Hence, I am publishing this post for your benefits. Please read the points carefully.

Top 10 ways to make money online

List of the top 10 ways to make money online

  • Making money with a blog is my favorite & most stable way to earn money if you are good at writing skills. Many people around the world are now enjoying this as a permanent source of income. However, it takes time to understand & implement the practical idea of blogging & make money.
  • Earning money online with task provider websites that can also be a way to earn big time if you are good enough to find out the right sites to work with & perform the tasks they ask you to do. This also takes some time to settle in a groove & perform the actions as required.
  • Making Money on YouTube or other video sharing platforms is a great source of income if you like to create videos. There are many posts associated to this topic that are published on this blog & on the internet. Honestly, I believe that you just need interest to develop or record videos to monetize them as they can become popular if they are unique in nature.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program is also a great way however, it can be a blog you need to promote amazon products but it is not the only way & that is why I mentioned it in a different point all together.
  • Making Money through social Media is a job that can be a part of digital marketing services you can provide to any client of yours. People invest in it hugely if they get results as their is nothing like gaining subscribers on social media than anything in this modern world.
  • Making money with Google is a part of blogging but this is pointed out differently because there can be more ways to make money with google & you can generate that income on daily basis either as an investor or publisher.
  • Selling your creativity online is another way. Everyone is good at creating something. You just have to find out which is the kind of ART you can create & thrive on substantially.
  • Using ebay is also a genuine way. However, I would suggest to use it in those countries only that have full legal support for ebay.
  • Making money with Apps is a kind of new age ART. Your App is a great source to develop an Income. It just has to provide the value which its users seek for.

What do you want to say about these top 10 ways to make money online ? Do you think they are good enough or you recommend some other points to be fit in this list ? Leave comments with suggestions.

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