Top Google adsense earners around the world

I have already written about how to make money online with google & I wanted to explore a bit more on this topic so I prepared a list of the top google adsense earners in India as adsense is the primary source of income for anyone earning through google. This post is nothing but a point wise description of the top adsense earners around the world along with their websites & blogs. I haven’t given them any ranks as there are no exact earning records available with me but their names are good enough to be searched about on google itself which can tell you about a lot of things related to them big time.

Top Google adsense earners around the world

Points on the top earners of google adsense around the world

  • Courtney Rosen is a name that I would like to talk about first up as she owns that is a great revenue generator through adsense. Its a site on how to guides on any kinds of categories that could exist on the internet.
  • Pete cashmore is the other name that come up in my mind who is associated with which is a media site & reports about technology related & other happenings around the world.
  • Shawn Hogan from is also one of the top earners with his forum which talks about the digital world & people use it a lot for healthy discussions & answers on various topics on the internet. The adsense revenue has a lot of potential from this forum as this truly is a valuable to be in while you are browsing online.
  • Marcus Frind from POF.COM earns with this online dating site that allows couples to unite on the internet only. It is known from several sources that it is a good site for some legitimate get together of people.
  • Kevin Rose of Digg.Com is also on this list because of his site working as a sharing platform of blogs & content on the internet & anything that is able to share around the internet is able to make a lot of money in the long run.
  • Michael Arrington with his tech blog is another name that should be in this list as this is one of the top tech blogs on the internet & technology related keywords have a very high value on the adsense platform.
  • Perez Hilton with his own blog on celebrities is a top earner writing about great stories on the web that are interesting due to celebrity connection.
  • Jeremy Schoemaker from is a great advisor on making money to pay your bills through his blog that tells about making money online.
  • Amit Agrawal From my Country India is blogger on his technology related blog & he blogs some excellent tutorials & guides that makes him a lot of money with adsense.

This list can never be complete with more people who are honestly not known to me but this is the list I came up to know about & wrote on it for people to search more about these people & know how they make a fortune from google adsense.

What do you want to say about this list of top google adsense earners in the world ? Do you want to suggest some changes to this list ? Leave comments with authority for this post to be as productive as it can.

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