Ways for college students to make money online

College students are the ones who are in a way, the future of the country & new innovative ideas can come up through these college students only. When I was in college I never had any idea of the internet providing ways to make money online but with time I learned many aspects of the internet & came up with ways that college students can use to make money online.

Ways for college students to make money online

Best online money making ways for college students

  1. Typing Jobs : Starting from simple typing jobs to transcribing jobs in which you have to work as a fast typer for audio or video,  these kinds of jobs can be searched for online only, where you would find many opportunities to make money online, all you have to do is learn typing if you like this work.
  2. Micro job sites : There are many micro jobs sites that require human intelligence to complete some tasks. College students can use them to make money online. Some of these sites are Amazon mechanical Turk & Microworkers
  3. Selling on Amazon or ebay : Selling the goods that you don’t use can be another way to generate income. You can sell them on e-commerce sites like Amazon or ebay.
  4. Providing customer care : These kinds of jobs are also available for those who like to work to help or provide information. All you have to do is search for them on the internet or classifieds that have information on these jobs that can be done online only. Remember that you should try these jobs concerning some reputable company only if you want to get paid smoothly
  5. Freelancing : There are many online freelancing sites available on the internet which can help you make money doing many activities
  6. Selling Research papers : College students do have to work on their research a lot they can sell their research on some sites too. Search for these sites & make use of them .
  7. Designing : This can even be designing crafts & selling on etsy to designing websites for people who will pay you for doing so. Another form of designing is T-shirts that can be learned if you have interest in from the internet itself.
  8. Blogging :This is an art & I have written about it in my post about how to make money from blogging. This is  new age opportunity & gives you a platform to be launched in front of a huge audience online which can help you make a brand of yourself.

Here are the 8 ways that I have described as my points for the college students to make money online. What are your thoughts about it ? Do you think these can work big time if they are given proper time ? Leave comments below & share it with your college friends.

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